Why all-terrain vehicles off-road more powerful than off-road vehicles

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

ATV English is All Terrain Vehicle (for all terrain transport), the abbreviation is ATV, commonly known as "ATV", also known as "all-terrain four-wheel off-road locomotives", the vehicle is simple and practical, off-road performance is good, the general appearance No awning. In short it is difficult to use a simple Chinese name to express its meaning.

1.ATV's wide tires increase contact with the ground, create greater friction and reduce the vehicle's pressure on the ground, making it easy to navigate sandy beaches, river beds, streams, streams, and harsh desert terrain. Can carry people or transport items.

2. All-terrain vehicles are generally 4-drive or 6-drive, powerful drive

3. Body is light and small, in the extreme off-road when there is a great advantage, even if it is more motivated off-road vehicles where it can not go.