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Some safety tips about electric scooters

Time:2021-03-04 00:00:00

Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 1960s and evolved from sea surfing. Skateboarding is significantly more freedom than surfing, which is subject to geographical and climatic constraints, and does not rigidly adhere to a fixed form. Skateboarders are free to use their imagination to create inspiration during the exercise. Riding on an electric scooter, rotating or beating in a square, a park, a road, turning the electric scooter into a fashionable recreational and fitness sport nowadays.

Playing electric scooters increases heart and lung function, strengthens regressive muscle and arm muscles, stretches leg ligaments, promotes skeletal development, and improves balance and responsiveness.

1, electric scooter riding equipment

2, helmet

The head is an important human organ, so it is important to protect the head during taxi. A quality-assured helmet keeps you from harming you.

3, gloves

Electric scooters gloves size, style, there are many people with motorcycle gloves or gardening gloves to replace. Electric scooter gloves no fixed standard, just choose the size of your own hand-skid gloves can be.

4, knee pads and wrist

Knees and wrists are the perfect companion and they work together to protect you from the joints while riding. Especially the lightweight plastic knee pad is recommended.

5, shoes

Under normal circumstances, the vast majority of sports shoes are very suitable for skateboarding, try not to wear slippers or high heels to ride electric scooters. The size of the shoes to meet the size of their own feet.


Electric scooter on the road common sense

1. Electric scooter must use the original parts, otherwise prone to danger.

2. Before riding, to adjust the height of the electric scooter to suit your height.

3. Choose better electric performance scooter scooter, and familiar with the brake position.

4 timing oiling the bearing, reducing the resistance of the taxi.

5. Beginners should glide on the smaller slope, and gradually deepen the difficulty.

6. Do not glide on wet or over bumpy roads.

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