Winter, motorcycle in the end or not hot car

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

To winter, many small partners are wondering a question, motorcycles in the winter or not to hot car ride, hot car will not ruin the car. The old driver told us to the engine temperature to the working temperature to ride, or very hurt the car, is it true? Today we will focus on this issue again.

First of all, what is the hot car, hot car means the engine starts to start the engine to reach the normal operating temperature of the process, usually civilian car engine normal operating temperature of 80-90 ℃, at this temperature, the smallest engine wear and tear, fuel The most efficient combustion, so at this temperature the engine can play the most perfect performance and longest life expectancy. So, motorcycle engine did not reach the normal operating temperature can ride away? What harm it will bring?

Let's start with the point of wear. After the engine is stationary for a period of time, the oil flows back to the oil sump. At this time, the lubricating function will be lost in many places inside the engine. After the engine starts, the oil flows to each lubrication position for about 30 seconds, so during this 30 seconds, Do not put any load on the engine, to ensure the wear and tear at this time to a minimum, we just let the engine idle speed on it. This is the case both in winter and summer, as long as the engine goes out more than one hour, have to idle more than 30 seconds and then driving.

So, the oil flow to the various lubrication position, you can drive normally? The answer is yes, but do not overload the engine. The reason is that, although the oil has flowed to various locations, but the oil temperature is too low, the viscosity is very large, the resistance of the body structure is also great, if the engine over the Assembly on the crankshaft camshaft and other components damage, so the oil temperature Did not reach the normal operating temperature, try to low-speed low-speed riding.

Again from the combustion efficiency point of view. In the engine temperature is too low, the gasoline can not generate enough heat, it can not produce enough mechanical energy, to put it bluntly is the engine boring. Secondly, the gasoline can not be completely burned in the cylinder, which will produce a large amount of carbon deposition, while the carbon deposition at the idle state is more serious. Therefore, the motorcycle should be started to quickly reach the normal operating temperature, rather than idle hot car, this can reduce engine damage. The easiest way to speed up the engine temperature is to let the engine work more, that is, let the engine work.

The above two points indicate that the winter idling hot car is enough for 30 seconds, this period of time can just wear a helmet and gloves. After riding a motorcycle slowly running on it, wait until the engine temperature reaches the working temperature can be a normal ride.

We often see a phenomenon. Some cars actually boarded the throttle. This can really speed up the engine temperature, but this does not apply to motorcycles. The reason for this is that the way for the car to boil oil is mainly to raise the water temperature Faster, so as to blow the warm air as soon as possible, Motorcycle completely involved in this issue. Another point, the car hot car instead of jogging geothermal hot car there is another reason is that such a hot car can wait for companions, and other companions on the car, the car is hot, so the companion on the train can blow warm air It's For motorcycles, such a hot-spot car can only waste time and waste of gasoline.